Chella’s new zine: The Venns

So people often ask me if I only do comedy about periods, and I always say no. When the mood strikes me, I do Stand Up Columnist pieces at gigs around Sheffield, I perform my green room and sound check signature tune, “The Lesbian Song” to the fear and panic of many, and I also have this other thing I’ve been working on for quite a while. The second part of the project, a new zine, is finally finished, and I’m launching it in Sheffield tonight. It’s a comedy zine all about the British cultural phenomenon known as the pub quiz.  Pub quizzes are awesome, and over the years that I’ve lived here, I’ve developed my own (ridiculous) theories about what (possibly) makes them tick. My love of charting things (anything – periods, the number of times my mom’s neighbour says, ‘ya know’ in any given sentence,  and, now, pub quizzes) has led to this whole other endeavour that’s been chugging along nicely in the background. The zine heavily features Venn diagrams, which are my favourite kind of diagram, as seen on our Honeymoon Period tour logo two summers ago, actually.  They’re hot off the press and I’m quite excited!

I’ve got some plans to mix this up with performance, just like with Adventures in Menstruating, that’ll draws heavily on a combination of mockumentary, improvisation and infographics. If you live further afield, stay tuned or ‘like’ The Venns on Facebook for more details on availability as we confirm them. Here are the vital stats:

The Venns is a spoof research paper on the workings of the average pub quiz team. Anonymous ‘Informants’ are quoted, terms are defined and serious-sounding theories are bandied about, but it’s all in good fun. Articles include player archetypes, an interview with an unusual quiz-master, foreign perspectives, a word from the guy who said ‘Munted’ on Countdown, a sample quiz, reviews of some of the pub quizzes in Sheffield, and, of course, there are very important diagrams, charts and graphs throughout. It’s an A5 zine with 20 litho-printed black-and-white pages plus full colour front and back covers.

Get in touch if you want more info, or if you’re in Sheffield and want to get in on the quiz action.

One response to “Chella’s new zine: The Venns

  1. Fantastic! I’ve never seen a pub quiz. Will have to look into it on my next trip over.

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