Period Positive (#periodpositive) visit for more on this excellent plan for a global menstruation education and management. benchmark based on Chella’s Masters research!

The Roadshow has been going since 2005, and includes comedy readings, ‘feminine hygiene’ ad deconstruction, tampon crafts, an SDU performance lecture and comedy menstrual songs. Chella maintains the Mobile Menstrual Zine Library and often takes that along, plus other resources to look at or take away. Her latest roadshow is an hour-long comedy and includes all kinds of sanitary shenanigans.

Stains TM  is Chella’s satirical, sartorial response to the ‘leakage horror’ that modern femcare ads are still  using to peddle their stuff, 85 years after the first time.

Victorian Lady Bags: steal and deface…I mean borrow and decorate and return these bags from a public toilet near you and return them ‘improved’. Chella may have ‘borrowed’ a number of these from her university toilets with the blessing of some of the staff,  and disseminated them among audiences at some comedy shows and science communication events, asking audiences to modernise these ladies with the help of some #periodpositive speech bubbles!s.  She can only imagine that Queen Victoria would not be amused.

victorian lady

If you are amused, and if these bags are a familiar sight where you work or study, you can join in!  Simply take them out, add  a #periodpositive message (and the hashtag) and put them back.

Robyn’s Egg is a  children’s book Chella has written and is currently illustrating.  It introduces very little kids to menstruation and encourages parents to talk about it way before the ‘big puberty talk’.

Robyn's Egg

Periods for Non-Menstruators: Everything You’ll Never Ask is a book in the works, although Chella is informed by her more endometrially educated non-menstruating friends that it will be a mere pamphlet, because they are so hip to that jive now. But they don’t hear the questions Chella gets asked at the end of her show.

The SDU and YOU!

One woman’s fight to improve toilet cubicle design via feminine hygiene sanitary disposal units.

Click to view our workshop handout.

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Over Flo and Shame Dame are two comic book super hero characters who appear in our comedy sketch show, and they’ll soon be in a comic book. Get in touch if you’d like to do some guest art! Here they are in ‘Over Flo Begins’.

I Keep Bleeding is a compilation album Chella’s hoping to put together as a freebie with a future issue of the zine. If you’d like to suggest or submit a song that’s period positive, write in. Track listing will be added to as it develops. So far we’ve got: Chart Your Cycle by Party Weirdo and The Crimson Tide by Adventures in Menstruating, and some more offers in the pipeline! Watch this space!