Back in stock.

I’m getting ready to do another print run of Adventures in Menstruating #5 because I’ve just realised they’re nearly gone! The first run is currently available at Rare and Racy in Sheffield, and will be restocked at Marching Stars (who are now starting wholesaling to shops, which is a big leap and I wish Lizzy lots of luck!) by Monday. For US readers, I’ve just packed up some zines to restock at Things You Say and Sweet Candy. And then that’s pretty much it for Issue 5, which may be a record for us.

Thanks for all your support and interest, everybody – a genuine, massive thanks to our readers and to Bluestockings for always hosting our readings in New York, the distros that carry the zine, and all of the amazing people who contributed to this issue.

If you think you’d like a copy of this issue, let me know by email or on facebook. I’m contemplating another biggish run and want to guestimate (ok, really I just wanted to have a giggle saying ‘guestimate’, but send me an email anyway).


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