Something else Chella’s parents can be proud of.

The other night, we went to a groovy show to support some bands we’ve shared the bill with at various Ladyfests. We met the band Valerie at Ladyfest Leicester, and throughout the night, they kept introducing Chella to people as ‘the one who photographs toilets’.

Yeah, it’s true. Chella did a performance lecture called ‘The SDU and YOU’ at Ladyfest Leicester and a lot of the slides included photos that name and shame the badly designed sanitary disposal units in public toilets throughout the UK. (They’re not so bad in other countries. We don’t know why this is.)

For example, the one above is jammed in right next to the toilet seat, and the lid is actually OVER the seat. Now, if, like most women, you a) sit down to pee and b) have an ass bigger than your head, you will not be able to open the lid. You will also have it jammed up against your ass.

Anyway, all is explained in the live show. Just thought we’d share Chella’s illustrious new title with ya.

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