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Selected press mentions: 

Excerpts from Chella’s zines have been included in several anthologies in the US and the UK, and her cover designs have appeared in Time Out London, Plan B, and Fairlady magazines, and in the upcoming book Fanzines by Teal Triggs. Chella’s ad-busting comedy femcare graphics were recently featured, along with a discussion of her comedy activism work, in an outstanding new resource entitled New Blood: Third-Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation by Chris Bobel.  

A very fun F-Word blog interview that sums up the summer and what Chella’s projects are about.

Review of the August 2011 Site Gallery exhibition, DIY Summer.

A brief but positive review of the feminist zinester gig at Bluestockings.

An Edinburgh Fringe preview interview from Now Then Magazine.

“Don’t Ms.” feature mentioned Chella’s latest Bluestockings solo reading.

Some recent zine reviews: Spill the Zines, SexGenderBody, Tulane University zine library.

An article about LARC pills with some quotes from Chella.

An article from the Toronto Globe and Mail where Chella decronstructs a recent ad campaign.

We did our fifth reading at Bluestockings in April 2010 and had a lovely review from filmmaker Giovanna Chessler. 

This reading was also featured in Time Out New York:Feminist performers Chella Quint and Sarah Thomasin are the brains behind the five-year-old zine Adventures in Menstruating, which manages to be both hilarious and political. Quint and Thomasin will bring a live version of the latest ish, Here’s the Science Bit, to Bluestockings with funny sketches about pads for men, menstrual superheroes and more. We’re just happy to see a lady-friendly alternative to dick jokes.” – Amy Plitt, Own This City. 

A piece on girls and self esteem that references Chella’s writing..

The Guardian G2 did a piece about menstrual activism that features Chella and also mentions a few of our friends and allies. Speaking of allies, we recently came to the aid of a new period book, and Bust magazine picked up the story (a story we’re calling Snubgate, for anyone who’s interested) on their blog

We also get regular shouts on the excellent Society for Menstrual Cycle Research blog, which is pertly entitled Re: Cycling

And  here’s some nice stuff some other people have said

“Charmingly revolutionary!” 

– Microcosm Publishing, about Adventures in Menstruating #4 

“If you love your period, laughing about your period, or want to hate it less, I wholeheartedly recommend this zine series in its entirety. These handy little booklets have literally changed my entire outlook on menstruation, and they’re a surefire way to spark confessionals among close friends or, if you’re lucky, a stranger on the subway. ” 

-Brittany Shoot, Feminist Review (full review here

“A fantastically funny collection of all things period. There are leakage horror stories and hilarious retro advertisements for towels and tampons. It’s strange to think they were serious for their day, with pictures of distressed housewives and worried girls, being informed of the wonders of ‘modern’ sanitary products. When examined more closely you can see the parallels of a male-dominated, misogynistic advertising culture that still sometimes doesn’t know how to market their tampax and always, playing on subtle fears and euphemisms. Chella’s right to be angry with this too tired rhetoric of periods as being something to be embarrassed about. By poking fun at the continued climate of menstrual taboos she’s doing a great job at breaking them. A must for menstruators and nonmenstruators alike.” 

– Last Hours, London 

“I spent a good 15 minutes flicking through the genuinely excellent Adventures in Menstruation (sic).” 

– Luiza Sauma, Independent on Sunday 

“We here at Microcosm have a lot of reading material about being on the rag, but nothing quite like this new zine by Chella Quint of Chart Your Cycle. Funny and heart wrenching stories are interwoven between hilarious analysis of old (20s – 50s) menstruation product ads (which are quite a chuckle unto themselves). It’s really good to see humour injected into this subject, done in a smart and clever way. A very fun read.” 

– Microcosm Publishing 

“Upon arriving at the A-Space, I viewed a table that was set up with radical women’s health zines and flipped through the collection. As the show began, Chella introduced herself and her girlfriend Sarah as well as some of the local zinesters who would be reading that night. Chella kicked off the show by reading from her zine. It is one thing to read an enjoyable zine and quite another to experience the writer reading from it. I was honored to be in attendance and read at the show too. I thought it was awesome that Chella and Sarah has prepared a sketch comedy about deconstructing old feminine hygiene ads. It was hilarious and the two of them made a gerat team. Each zine reader shared their unique writing at the show and we all laughed and learned together. The importance of this roadshow is obvious. Radical women getting together in a comfortable atmosphere and talking about our periods with no shame. Learning about alternative menstrual products was pretty fantastic too. Many thanks to Chella and Sarah for their trip to the northeastern US!! 

-Sage Adderley, Eye Candy Zine 

Oh yeah – the live show we did at Ladyfest Berlin was reviewed by a German newspaper called Die Tageszeitung. The review is in German and we include the link here  because it looks pretty good! Thank you, people of Berlin.