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March, March, March

March birthdays are like blog posts – you wait around for ages and then three come along at once. So here’s a big long birthday postscript-post  to make up for the lack of  updates lately.

On Sunday I got bagel-coffee-and-cupcaked by my lovely wife, who also further enabled my chart-loving geekitude by getting me this awesome piece of work:

and Sarah’s mom, whose birthday is the day before mine, posted me this amazing Shipping Forecast* t-shirt:

which I wore to bed Sunday night, and may well wear at a gig sometime soon. See, I like all kinds of charts – not just menstrual cycle ones. (I’m also a big fan of the Venn diagram.)

We digested the birthday breakfast and read the charts on the way down to Oxford for the lit fest, where we met this lovely gentleman. (Our mission for the day was to give away free zines, and we ended up working out a trade for some whiskey, so that was awesome, too. Those who know me know I’m always up for zine trades, and now…those who don’t know me know it as well.) Anyway, this kind fellow was working for the festival and I offered him a zine. He thanked me and stuck it in his pocket, with the title showing, which was pretty darn cool. I asked him if he’d mind if I took a picture for my blog, and he said, “I have three daughters. There is nothing about menstruation that freaks me out.”

Word, my friend. Word.

We had fun times all round (most likely due to the zine-whiskey trading) and I had four zines left as we all headed to the train station, so I decided to deposit the last four in various bike baskets among those at the rafts and rafts of awesome bicycles at the station bike racks.

I figured cycles…cycles…whatevs. That was the sum total of my thought process. Sorry. Whiskey.

Anyway, if you received a zine at the festival, or if you found one in your bike basket, hello! I’m Chella, and I’ll be your weird secret zine santa today. Hope you stick around!

In other news, I was lucky enough to have two pieces of my writing published around the internets on my birthday.

Here’s the Menstruation for Sale article at (it’s a brand new webzine for right-on teens that happened to have launched on my bday).

And I also had a  review up on Feminist Review blog. Speaking of FR, it was also Mandy Van Deven’s birthday this week. She edits Feminist Review, as well as writing like a demon everywhere else that’s cool and feminist. Her birthday appeal goes a long way to explaining what she’s achieved with FR, and I was really psyched when she invited me to write for FR after my zines were reviewed on the site. If you can spare some cash to help them/us out, that’d be grand. More details can be found at the I ♥ FR Campaign.

Today’s link (rather than recaps from earlier in the week like a lame clips episode of your favourite ’80s sitcom)  is a shout out to Travel Queeries on a Danish blog that’s new to me and looks pretty cool. Birthe, the editor of Feminine Moments, saw the review on Feminist Review and contacted me to see if she could quote it. So, ya see? Valuable resource right there is all I’m sayin’.

Right, it’s all gone a bit meta so I’m gonna say goodnight. Thanks, as always, for all the support.


*You can listen to the Shipping Forecast here. It is just as useful a navigational tool if you are literally at sea as if you are metaphorically at sea.

Oxford Literary Festival Birthday Treat!

If you happen to be in Oxford for the Literary Festival today, keep an eye out for these:

It’s my birthday,  and I’m making like a schoolkid and giving out cupcakes (except I can’t bake, so in this case, cupcakes are zines. It’s like a big metaphor. Ok, a little metaphor…).

So keep an eye out, and let us know if you grab one. It feels right and proper to punk up a literary festival in Oxford sponsored by the Times. (Although this may be the second most British thing I’ve ever attended (the first one was Hamlet in Stratford).

And happy spring!


Zines and Gigs

We’ve been invited to perform in Edinburgh a part of Femstruation week, and it starts tomorrow!   A reading at Forest Cafe on the 13th and our full show – Here’s The Science Bit at The Big Red Door on Valentine’s Day.

We had a great time performing in Sheffield the other week and the Sheffield Fems have put up some photos of our tampon crafts.

The zines are now also back in stock at their usual UK distro, Marching Stars, and are finally back in stock at Microcosm and also at Sweet Candy Distro in Georgia, USA. Sweet Candy is run by my good friend Sage, who put on our very firt ever show back in Philly in 2005.

New Year, New Zine, New Distro…

Everything’s just new, new, new, I think. Except for the snow. That’s getting a little old, actually, even the new snow. Bleurgh. All our travel – local and international – has been messed up. Even walking to the shop. My fleece-lined wellies have seen far more action than my t-strap maryjanes in recent weeks, and I’m cross.

EXCEPT that everything else is NEW NEW NEW. I have to keep reminding myself (and you should too) that even though the weather is being pre-post-apocalyptic, there are some cool things afoot.

The new zine issue is out, and the New Yorkers liked it. Now, I’m sorry, England. You may say that people from the US have no irony, but you clearly have not spent enough time in NYC.  The Lower East Side could kick your ass with irony, and they liked the zine. So I stand by ‘the New Yorkers liked it’.  

The first distro to carry it (because there was no postal system or blizzard involved) is our good friend Erin’s new distro, Things You Say

The name’s from a Sleater-Kinney song, but also, handily, refers to the communicatey-ness (real word) of zines. Erin’s working on a new zine, and her blog, Bi-Coastal Gimps, is in the blogroll to your right, and you can read our zines blurbs on her catalogue page. Erin is also slightly addicted to Sarah’s cookies, which we discovered when we visited her over Christmas, and knows a Chinese restaurant where you can do your ordering like it’s an online catalogue. It was amazing.

We’ll post some pictures from our trip up on the facebook fanpage later in the week. You can become a fan by clicking that link on the right over there. Unless you’re reading this on your phone, in which case you’ll have to type ‘Adventures in Menstruating’ into the facebook search bar. Wow, I feel like one of those people in an infomertial or on Blues Clues where I’m referring to things on a screen that I know you know I really can’t see right now.

Stay tuned for more about our New York trip, some new work of ours, more details about upcoming events, and some new Second Place Awards we’re happy to bestow.

Happy New Year!


All I Want for Christmas: A twelve-day-long short story!

Hey guys – check this out if you dig old school kids’ books – I wrote it as part of my ‘putting periods back into pop culture’ series. It’s kind of a Judy Blume/Beverly Cleary/Paula Danziger/Lois Lowry homage, and it’s set in the 80s because this story didn’t happen to me, but it could have.

Please forward this link to anyone you think might be interested in reading it or showing it to their school-age kids, and check back here each day for the next part of the story.

All I Want for Christmas

Jodie’s more interested in the next snow day than she is about getting ready for middle school.   So when she writes ‘getting my period’ on her Christmas list, all heck breaks loose in her fifth grade classroom.  She’s growing up, she’s not sure she’s gonna like it, but she’s certainly willing to talk about it, no matter what.

Follow Jodie’s adventures over the next twelve days in “All I Want for Christmas”, a short story by Chella Quint.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy this quirky homage to YA fiction of yore. Check back here for each of twelve daily instalments.

Hope you guys like it.

Oh yeah – we’ll be reading extracts from Adventures in Menstruating #5 at Bluestockings Radical Books at 7pm on Tuesday, December 29th at the at the Women’s/Trans’ Poetry Jam and Open Mike.

Bluestockings is located at 172 Allen St., New York, NY 10012.


World Wide Women Conference today in Sheffield

There’s a conference in Sheffield today (well, in my head the conference is tomorrow, because I haven’t gone to bed yet, but don’t be fooled!) that I’m going to have to stay home from, because I think the cough I’m currently sporting  and the rousing speeches just won’t mix somehow. But if you’re in or near Sheffield, and not hacking up a lung, details are here!

I was wandering vaguely homeward drinking a medicinal malted soya-milkshake today (or yesterday, for people who’ve gone to bed while it was still Friday night) and had a lovely chat with the proprietor of Rare and Racy, who beckoned to me from his doorway (in an old fashioned shopkeeper kinda way) and showed me that my zine was in his window display. (See if you can spot it…) That cheered me up no end.

Rare and Racy

So, today (tomorrow?) I will listen to Radio 4 comedy and draw parody film posters instead.

Good night?


Skids Pads, Viral Ads…and AWESOME comments sections.

I have a minor addiction to the Guardian G2 Shortcuts section and quick crossword. Yes, they’re available online, but as a zine writer, I need it in print form. Today’s dose included Kira Cochrane’s account of a viral ad campaign about masculine hygiene products by, um, one of my competitors. It’s getting a bit freaky how closely feminine hygiene product advertising seems to be echoing our comedy sketches lately. Have we tapped into the zeitgeist? Or are their marketing departments just very thorough? If it’s the latter, “Hi there, marketing department researchers. Thanks for stopping by. I think.” (Waves nervously.)

I did these ads for the launch of issue 3 of Adventures in Menstruating, and they’ve been around ever since at our live comedy shows, which feature various riffs on ‘pads for men’ ads.

You may enjoy my own contribution to the viral internet canon, which, like the other Skids stuff, went live in August 2007. Thanks to Cakebread Illustrations for offering to make the website after seeing our show in Berlin. Stay tuned for further additions.

In the meantime, please enjoy the fantastically hilarious comments on today’s G2 article. Now Mooncup really know how to do viral.

Time flies. Issue 4 is due another reprint, and we’re back in Berlin on 18 July.


Come see us!

Hey! So…we’re gonna be at the Bradford Zine Fayre on our first anniversary, which is the 21st of June. We reckon since it’s our paper anniversary, that’s pretty cool! We’ll be tabling, doing a workshop, and reading. Join us if you can.

Big thanks to Joel for inviting us, and for giving a shout out to Ye Olde English.



The London Zine Symposium was fantastic. Met great people, saw some beautiful work, and loved loved loved reading with a cadre of funny and intelligent fellow zinesters. I’d tour with those guys. It rocked!

At the moment I’m working on Robyn’s Egg: A child’s Introduction to Menstruation (which I think I’ve mentioned before), and two companion children’s books, which is taking some honing of my rusty illustration skills. The other two books are ‘Rocket to the Moon’ (tampons as improvised toys and craft supplies) and ‘How Does Your Friend Make You Feel’ (a colouring and activity book based on menstrual euphemisms that I think might also make a good creative writing/comic workshop – stay tuned).

I’m also in the middle of developing my guide to sanitary disposal units: The SDU and YOU: Public Inconveniences. Stay tuned for the results of interviews with industry insiders!

We’re looking at summer plans and should have a couple of events lined up soon.


Adventures in Menstruating: Bigger and Redder

The stirrings of spring mean our hiatus is over and a new issue of Adventures in Menstruating is on the way at last – a ‘true confessions’ style bumper edition. Thank you to everyone who’s waited patiently this year while we got gaymarried, worked on the Obama campaign and supported an ill friend.

The year hasn’t been totally devoid of things menstrual or zine, though –

We had an excellent review from Brittany Shoot at Feminist Review and she felt moved to write a piece for our next issue. Brittany’s writing is fantastic and we’re really pleased to have made friends with this radical woman. Chella will be contributing to Brittany’s upcoming zine about expats – stay tuned for an article called ‘Adventures in Emigrating’ and more details about that zine later this month.

We did a mini tour called ‘Honeymoon Period’ which included a comedy sketch performance, menstrual craft workshop and poetry reading at Ladyfest Berlin and concluded with Malav’s gallant hospitality once again at Bluestockings in NYC.

Sarah won a poetry competition at this year’s Off the Shelf Festival one of the poems she read, ‘A Celebration of Menstruation’ (which you may have read in the zine or seen on tour) united the crowd and the judges, and a trophy cup has joined her mooncup on the bathroom shelf.

An extract from AiM #3 was included in Zine Yearbook 9 put out by Microcosm. Details available here.

Chella is getting involved with Red Chidgey and Elke Zobl’s fantastic book – working title: DIY Activism! Dispatches from the Transnational Feminist Zine Movement – and is keen to promote their website.

And finally, Chella’s recently (like literally just today, actually) been asked to contribute work to a book coming out next year by Christine Bobel tentatively called New Blood: Third Wave Feminism and the Politics of Menstruation from Rutgers University Press. More details on that as they come in.

So that’s been the zine highlights of the year for us – we’re excited to be back, uh… bigger and redder?

All the best from

Chella and Sarah

PS Chella will be in New York from the 6th – 12th April – if you’ve got a hankering for putting something zine or menstrual together, get in touch.