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Leeds Part 1

I’m very excited to be doing a zine workshop in Leeds with Sarah later today (or tomorrow, in my head, once I’ve gone to bed and woken up again). After that we’ll be putting in a little open mic action at the Chemic for Riot Grrl.  If you’re in the area, you’d be very welcome.  

I’ve just stayed up far too late to watch Day of the Dead, so I may be speaking in zombie metaphors tomorrow. It’s pretty much par for the course at this time of year though. Before I get into a one-woman menstrual zombie representation debate, I’ll just say Annual Halloween party breakdown will go up Sunday, followed by a veritable opus of overdue posts.

Props to Leeds Uni Femsoc for hosting us again. We love those guys.


Oxford Literary Festival Birthday Treat!

If you happen to be in Oxford for the Literary Festival today, keep an eye out for these:

It’s my birthday,  and I’m making like a schoolkid and giving out cupcakes (except I can’t bake, so in this case, cupcakes are zines. It’s like a big metaphor. Ok, a little metaphor…).

So keep an eye out, and let us know if you grab one. It feels right and proper to punk up a literary festival in Oxford sponsored by the Times. (Although this may be the second most British thing I’ve ever attended (the first one was Hamlet in Stratford).

And happy spring!


The Ultimate Sci-Fi

Hello! Today is my wife Sarah’s birthday. Sarah tells me that it’s also Einstein’s birthday, Billy Crystal’s birthday, and Pi Day (because the date in the US is 3.14…tenuous but cute). In the UK, where we do the date with the month second, it’s Mother’s Day.

Readers of Issue 1 of Adventures in Menstruating (which is now long out of print – sorry) may remember the intro where I mentioned I might one day do the ‘ultimate sci-fi and regenerate or spawn an army of likenesses from one cell of my own DNA, not unlike the Daleks on Doctor Who.’

That’s still in the future, but, for now, if you’re a funny genius mum,  or if you’re pregnant and your circumference is expanding proportionately to your diameter, or you’re an awesome performance poet birthday girl (or are somewhere in the Venn of all of the above), hope you had a great day.

Every Day is International Women’s Day

Especially when you’ve partied all weekend and slept through the real one. Does it count that I partied in a foreign country? (The savvy readers among you will remember that I live  in a foreign country, so don’t answer that one too quickly.)

Anyway, here’s a great little piece from the Onion that popped up on our facebooks yesterday.

Girl Welcomed to Womanhood With Four-Page Pamphlet

from The Onion

Cheers to all the new facebook fans and new readers from over on Belle’s blog – you may notice that I don’t take a whole lot seriously.

But, in all seriousness, US readers should check out Elissa Stein and her book Flow on The View today. It is about time she got some more recognition!

Those of you who appreciate baking-related humour may love (or loathe, but they say that’s the same emotion, right?) this Cakewrecks feature. I’m giving that a not-menstrual-but-should be.

And finally, if you’re making yourself a stain for our Stains TM campaign, please send in a pic. We’ll post a few on here!

Happy day-after-international-women’s-day, particularly to all the awesome international women I know.


New Year, New Zine, New Distro…

Everything’s just new, new, new, I think. Except for the snow. That’s getting a little old, actually, even the new snow. Bleurgh. All our travel – local and international – has been messed up. Even walking to the shop. My fleece-lined wellies have seen far more action than my t-strap maryjanes in recent weeks, and I’m cross.

EXCEPT that everything else is NEW NEW NEW. I have to keep reminding myself (and you should too) that even though the weather is being pre-post-apocalyptic, there are some cool things afoot.

The new zine issue is out, and the New Yorkers liked it. Now, I’m sorry, England. You may say that people from the US have no irony, but you clearly have not spent enough time in NYC.  The Lower East Side could kick your ass with irony, and they liked the zine. So I stand by ‘the New Yorkers liked it’.  

The first distro to carry it (because there was no postal system or blizzard involved) is our good friend Erin’s new distro, Things You Say

The name’s from a Sleater-Kinney song, but also, handily, refers to the communicatey-ness (real word) of zines. Erin’s working on a new zine, and her blog, Bi-Coastal Gimps, is in the blogroll to your right, and you can read our zines blurbs on her catalogue page. Erin is also slightly addicted to Sarah’s cookies, which we discovered when we visited her over Christmas, and knows a Chinese restaurant where you can do your ordering like it’s an online catalogue. It was amazing.

We’ll post some pictures from our trip up on the facebook fanpage later in the week. You can become a fan by clicking that link on the right over there. Unless you’re reading this on your phone, in which case you’ll have to type ‘Adventures in Menstruating’ into the facebook search bar. Wow, I feel like one of those people in an infomertial or on Blues Clues where I’m referring to things on a screen that I know you know I really can’t see right now.

Stay tuned for more about our New York trip, some new work of ours, more details about upcoming events, and some new Second Place Awards we’re happy to bestow.

Happy New Year!


After a groovy night and some hard work, Chapter 4!

Had a great time with Erin and Rebecca tonight and fangirled over Erin’s distro and Rebecca’s awesome radio dj stylings while talking all things zine. This chapter is a bit late, but it’s here! Thanks to those of you who are following along.

We’re gonna be at Bluestockings tonight (tomorrow night? Tuesday the 29th – you do the math for this jetlagged brain, please) with a set of all new stuff…and mad props to Sam for bringing her guitar for us.

Chapter 4

Chapter 3 is up!

Here ya go.

Chapter 3

I’m getting some zines ready to send to distros, and will be updating that info on the website soon!  Get in touch if you’d like to trade for one.


Chapter 2 is up!

I know they’re not really chapters as such, but when I originally laid out this story, it was as a mini school library book, and the chapters were laid out and justified on mini pages! Maybe one day I’ll get time to actually print that version as a zine…perhaps by next Christmas?! In the meantime, here’s

Chapter 2!

All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 1!

Chapter 1 is up. Merry Christmas!

Craft Something day + Leftovers.

I reckon it’d be fab if ‘Buy Nothing Day’ were ‘Craft Something Day’.  So, if you’re in the US or of that persuasion, post Thanksgiving-ing it and dealing with leftovers, let me throw an idea into the pot:

Another kind of leftover you may have around, particularly if you’ve moved on to reusable period-related products, is tampon leftovers.

I do love promoting the work of Tampon Crafts, and, if you do have some lying around, I recommend you check out their Turkey Centrepiece this holiday weekend, or get a jump on the rest of the season by following their handy instructions for other ridiculous crafts!

Have a great weekend!