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A poem I wrote for Adventures in Menstruating #2, To The Leaking Girl, will be published in an issue of Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal next month. There’s some excellent stuff in there from the Menstruati and the whole thing is well worth a read.

The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research is holding its next conference this June in Pittsburgh. Details can be found here.

After a groovy night and some hard work, Chapter 4!

Had a great time with Erin and Rebecca tonight and fangirled over Erin’s distro and Rebecca’s awesome radio dj stylings while talking all things zine. This chapter is a bit late, but it’s here! Thanks to those of you who are following along.

We’re gonna be at Bluestockings tonight (tomorrow night? Tuesday the 29th – you do the math for this jetlagged brain, please) with a set of all new stuff…and mad props to Sam for bringing her guitar for us.

Chapter 4

Chapter 3 is up!

Here ya go.

Chapter 3

I’m getting some zines ready to send to distros, and will be updating that info on the website soon!  Get in touch if you’d like to trade for one.


Chapter 2 is up!

I know they’re not really chapters as such, but when I originally laid out this story, it was as a mini school library book, and the chapters were laid out and justified on mini pages! Maybe one day I’ll get time to actually print that version as a zine…perhaps by next Christmas?! In the meantime, here’s

Chapter 2!

All I Want for Christmas: Chapter 1!

Chapter 1 is up. Merry Christmas!

All I Want for Christmas: A twelve-day-long short story!

Hey guys – check this out if you dig old school kids’ books – I wrote it as part of my ‘putting periods back into pop culture’ series. It’s kind of a Judy Blume/Beverly Cleary/Paula Danziger/Lois Lowry homage, and it’s set in the 80s because this story didn’t happen to me, but it could have.

Please forward this link to anyone you think might be interested in reading it or showing it to their school-age kids, and check back here each day for the next part of the story.

All I Want for Christmas

Jodie’s more interested in the next snow day than she is about getting ready for middle school.   So when she writes ‘getting my period’ on her Christmas list, all heck breaks loose in her fifth grade classroom.  She’s growing up, she’s not sure she’s gonna like it, but she’s certainly willing to talk about it, no matter what.

Follow Jodie’s adventures over the next twelve days in “All I Want for Christmas”, a short story by Chella Quint.  Kids and adults alike will enjoy this quirky homage to YA fiction of yore. Check back here for each of twelve daily instalments.

Hope you guys like it.

Oh yeah – we’ll be reading extracts from Adventures in Menstruating #5 at Bluestockings Radical Books at 7pm on Tuesday, December 29th at the at the Women’s/Trans’ Poetry Jam and Open Mike.

Bluestockings is located at 172 Allen St., New York, NY 10012.