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Zine fairs agogo!

If you’re in the mood for a zine fair, you’ve come to the right place.

For those near Nottingham, check out the Nottingham Zine Fair, where you can get Adventures in Menstruating #6 and The Venns: A Quest for the Perfect Pub Quiz Team from the always awesome Marching Stars Distro.

If you’re nearer London, you should definitely check out the International Alternative Press Fair, where you can grab The Venns from Active Distribution.

There are loads of activities and stalls for zine, comic and craft fans, and stalls from our favourite distros and artists. Please show them some support.

If you can’t make it, the zines are available online from the distros linked above, in limited quantities.


Happy Earth Day!

Just found this cloth pad wiki and thought it’d be nice to share a reusables resource for Earth Day.

We went to a cloth pad workshop in Edinburgh and learned how to make a few different styles. I sew about as well as I cook, but I gave it a good old go.

It was a vision in red stars and flannel. Actually, there were a lot of colours available, but I went red pattern crazy.

That’s not a recent affectation, by the way.

This was my favourite book when I was little.

Every Day is International Women’s Day

Especially when you’ve partied all weekend and slept through the real one. Does it count that I partied in a foreign country? (The savvy readers among you will remember that I live  in a foreign country, so don’t answer that one too quickly.)

Anyway, here’s a great little piece from the Onion that popped up on our facebooks yesterday.

Girl Welcomed to Womanhood With Four-Page Pamphlet

from The Onion

Cheers to all the new facebook fans and new readers from over on Belle’s blog – you may notice that I don’t take a whole lot seriously.

But, in all seriousness, US readers should check out Elissa Stein and her book Flow on The View today. It is about time she got some more recognition!

Those of you who appreciate baking-related humour may love (or loathe, but they say that’s the same emotion, right?) this Cakewrecks feature. I’m giving that a not-menstrual-but-should be.

And finally, if you’re making yourself a stain for our Stains TM campaign, please send in a pic. We’ll post a few on here!

Happy day-after-international-women’s-day, particularly to all the awesome international women I know.



To mark the end of New York and London Fashion Weeks, and in honour of fashion weeks everywhere, I bring you our new campaign.

Since the beginning of the feminine hygiene industry, companies have tried to sell their products to us by using the fear of leaking blood through our clothes, leaving a huge stain and even huger shame.

From ‘certain-safe’ Modess pledging to protect us from ‘striking through’ in 1935, to today’s LeakLock®, Four Walled Protection®, Clean SorbTM Cover, and the physics-defying Always Infinity®, fear has always been a factor.

Today, companies are taking it a step further from reality by giving their products names that sound like clothes to ensure that we’ve got leaking on our minds from the start. SkirtsTM, PearlsTM, BraidsTM, SilkTM? It’s as if without these products we’ll be naked, which in London in February is not a good plan.

But we say: enough of the subliminal sabotage. Today, Adventures in Menstruating is gonna go one better. We’ve got a way to undermine this sort of feminine hygiene ad once and for all. We’re gonna debunk, demystify and disempower leakage fear by turning the stain into an object of desire.

An object of beauty.

High fashion.

Clot couture.

Too gross? Ok don’t panic. We don’t believe you need to use real blood to reclaim.

Let’s call it Leak Chic.

Introducing…StainsTM. A removable stain to wear on your own clothing as you see fit. A fashion statement that really says something, and that something is, ‘Screw you, Madison Avenue. I’m taking this one back. I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve and my blood on my pants. I’m gonna reclaim the stain, reclaim my blood, and reclaim my period.’ Because people, I’m telling you red is the new black.

Introducing our new fashion line (and possibly the only fashion line ever brought out by a zine) featuring the only logo no other company will try to steal.

So, doesn’t matter what gender you are or whether you menstruate or not – just for goofs. Goofs and solidarity, please join us by adding a stain to your stylings. Copy or download the pattern above, affix to your clothing in any medium you like (iron-on, felt cut-out, screen print, stencil…) and remember that the best defence against leaks and stains is a healthy dose of shamelessness.

Sometimes cool stuff just happens.

If you know me, you’ll know that I love cultivating a usual at the diner. (My record is three visits, for those of a competitive nature.) I’ve also had to slowly accept the reality that I’ll probably never have a dish or a drink named after me (not that I haven’t tried, and also probably because I don’t actually know how to cook anything other than toast and salad).  

So I was totally surprised and delighted when the owner of a new bead shop in Sheffield looked at the bracelet I’d put together in her shop and asked me if she could sell it as a kit…called ‘The Chella’.  Fifteen minutes, folks. Seriously.

This is a way cool shop, as well. It’s brand new, and looked so cute that I just kind of wandered in with beady eyes and crafty intent after seeing it out the bus window.   All the beads are in little Ikea juice glasses just like the ones we have at home, and arranged by colour. Bead kits come in jam jars with beads, string or ribbon and instructions. Prices are cheap (cheaper than my old favourite bead shop in Leeds, that used to be in the now totally and putrefactionally gentrified beyond all recognition Corn Exchange), the layout is great (no Bull-In-China-Shop effect fear of knocking over a million seed beads) and Yvonne, the very groovy owner, also sells ribbons in patterns I can only describe as for ‘the discerning feminist punk crafty lady’. 

Presenting…The Chella:

You can make your own, stock up on supplies or buy this kit from Jam Jar Beads in Sheffield (Yvonne has a facebook group and their website is coming soon – stay tuned for updates). I don’t make any money from it – all profits go toward keeping Sheffield crafty.  

I’ve  just realised – there’s nothing menstrual about this post…until now!  I’ve always wanted to make a bracelet indicative of my cycle. It’d have to be a beaded spiral – one colour for period days, another colour for the rest (or a third for ovulation etc if you wanna get fancy) and you could do a whole year…but that’s a lotta stringing, and it may only be beautiful in a space-time synaesthesia kind of way. More zine and period posts later in the week!