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Shana Tova, Pussy Riot.

This happened today in London. I’m psyched someone decided to use my stencil and I hope this global day of action will have an impact. Someone asked me why I care. I’m a feminist artist supporting other feminist artists.

Pussy Riot London demo poster inc stencil image of band in balaclavas.Since I knew I was going to be performing in Nottingham this evening, I made my contribution last night in the form of a piece at the 20×20 exhibition at Access Space. I used my stencil in kind of an unusual way – you’ll have to head over to check it out, and there are some great pieces on show (best responses to mine: “You know, I’ve just realised – Pussy Riot are totally OWNING Balaclavas right now – they’ve reclaimed them from the IRA” and “Wow! Wow! I love it! Wow! Yes!” Worst response to mine: “Well you can tell what it’s meant to be…”. Overall it’s a fab exhibition. A lot of synaesthesia. A lot of puns. I love a good pun. Access Space is awesome. It’s like a library for technology. And we know how I feel about libraries.

You can use my stencil too, if it’s not for profit and if you don’t take credit for it and let me know where you used it, so I can share your event and feel a little like I helped. Urban Outfitters can’t have it (this is the polite version of that disclaimer, UO…I’ve seen too many examples of stolen art…it is very disheartening). But you are different. You can trace or print it, cut out the white sections, and spray light on dark. It’s very low res because I did it using MS Paint while I had a cold and was a bit post fringe and too tired to find better software. Here it is:

And let’s hope they get their appeal. I’m off to Nottingham (I like Nottingham. It has a vegan burger bar, a lovely zine event put on as part of a Cultural Olympiad that I got to speak at and where I met lovely people and traded so many zines my bag was STUFFED full,  and it also has my friend Steve in it, who is putting on the show and who likes dinosaurs more than I do which is difficult) but tomorrow I will post the reason my 24 hour zine thing failed abysmally this year. It’s a good reason. Don’t worry.

Moving pictures

Last November we were invited to perform at the DIY Outspoken Showcase at Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds. My short film, The FU Story was also screened, and I got to be part of a very cool panel with Josie Long, Scout Niblett and Katie Harkin. Rosie Stoker has made a short doc of the day. You can see it here!  If you’d like to catch Adventures in Menstruating or Josie Long at the Fringe, we’re on the Ladyfest Edinburgh Cabaret tomorrow night from 8  – 11 at Leith Circle of Friends, Leith Walk. Josie’s on at the Pleasance Dome every night at 7, but tickets are selling out fast so grab them soon! (I have learned this from experience.)

Right – back to the fringe!


Sometimes cool stuff just happens.

If you know me, you’ll know that I love cultivating a usual at the diner. (My record is three visits, for those of a competitive nature.) I’ve also had to slowly accept the reality that I’ll probably never have a dish or a drink named after me (not that I haven’t tried, and also probably because I don’t actually know how to cook anything other than toast and salad).  

So I was totally surprised and delighted when the owner of a new bead shop in Sheffield looked at the bracelet I’d put together in her shop and asked me if she could sell it as a kit…called ‘The Chella’.  Fifteen minutes, folks. Seriously.

This is a way cool shop, as well. It’s brand new, and looked so cute that I just kind of wandered in with beady eyes and crafty intent after seeing it out the bus window.   All the beads are in little Ikea juice glasses just like the ones we have at home, and arranged by colour. Bead kits come in jam jars with beads, string or ribbon and instructions. Prices are cheap (cheaper than my old favourite bead shop in Leeds, that used to be in the now totally and putrefactionally gentrified beyond all recognition Corn Exchange), the layout is great (no Bull-In-China-Shop effect fear of knocking over a million seed beads) and Yvonne, the very groovy owner, also sells ribbons in patterns I can only describe as for ‘the discerning feminist punk crafty lady’. 

Presenting…The Chella:

You can make your own, stock up on supplies or buy this kit from Jam Jar Beads in Sheffield (Yvonne has a facebook group and their website is coming soon – stay tuned for updates). I don’t make any money from it – all profits go toward keeping Sheffield crafty.  

I’ve  just realised – there’s nothing menstrual about this post…until now!  I’ve always wanted to make a bracelet indicative of my cycle. It’d have to be a beaded spiral – one colour for period days, another colour for the rest (or a third for ovulation etc if you wanna get fancy) and you could do a whole year…but that’s a lotta stringing, and it may only be beautiful in a space-time synaesthesia kind of way. More zine and period posts later in the week!


Introducing Mr. Tampon

Crochet-tastic Yorkshire superstar Louise (who’s actually another awesome old school friend of Sarah’s) sent us this link to her blog post in which she exorcises her bad period feelings in amigurumi form.

We certainly don’t  find him tasteless, and we”re not sure why he’s Mr. Period, but we dig his comedy grumpy eyebrows and use of anatomically correct colouring. Nice one, Lou!

Berlin continues!

We had a great weekend at Ladyfest, where we met loads of amazing people and heard some awesome bands. (More details to follow!) We’re co-organizing another event with Lady Gaby (who contributed to Adventures in Menstruating #4) tomorrow night – details are below – please forward and repost to anyone you know in Berlin! 🙂 I had the great pleasure of meeting Brittany Shoot yesterday, and I’m really psyched that there will actually be four contributors reading at the same event!


Vintage Women – Reclaiming Time!
Wednesday 22 July 2009
14:00 until late
20:00 Doors open for evening performances
Lady Gaby presents @
Wonderbar Wienerstr 45. Berlin XBERG
Entry: Suggested donation 2 euro

Daytime Workshops:
Adventures in Menstruating on 50s adverts – deconstructing the media and creating your own spoof ads; Gender stereotypes – subverting oppression through comedy exploration of representation.

24 Hour Zine Thing – Create your own zine response with ad collages and captions using materials provided or vintage ads/images/text you bring. The completed zine will be available to trade or buy on the night as part of July’s International Zine Month!

Coffee, cakes, brownies, cookies and treats at 1950s prices!
Swap shop: bring vintage clothing and accessories to trade and share! Fabric pens available for quick modifications – bring your own sewing supplies/ribbon if you’ve got some!

Knitters and crocheters welcome!

DJing by Mary from The Baby Cheeses

Evening – Doors open 8 pm – Comedy sketches, poetry and spoken word from Lady Gaby, Adventures in Menstruating’s Chella Quint and Sarah Thomasin, Brittany Shoot and more!
Live Music from The Hairy Marys!
Retro set by DJ Girl Detective

Meanwhile, back in menstrual superhero land…

One word:


You heard it here first.


Thanks to Brittany Shoot for the link.

The Great Red Spot of Jupiter, huh?

My writing buddy, Rich, sent me this link today – it’s a doodle done on paint (it appears), in a seemingly hurried and off-the-cuff sort of way. It’s surprisingly accurate, though. (More accurate than Sarah’s vague paint rendition of US geography, which is hilarioius and she has allowed me to disclose this here.) I’m disturbed by the Langoliers*, but their presence makes sense.

I LOVE the real photocheck of Jupiter because I’m a complete astronomy geek. The way Buzzfeed (which I’ve never looked at before but seems like an excellent procrastination tool to add to my inexaustible supply) works seems to involve an elaborate system of tagging – I count mostly LOLs but only one CUTE, with quite a few WTFs and, sadly, too many EWs (and one TRASHY, which seems a bit of a stretch, to me…).

Anyone want to do a definitive work on this with a Venn diagram and everything?


*The ‘chompers’ look remarkably similar to the Steven King bad guys from the film version of the book. They eat leftovers, so I suppose it’s fair enough, but that film scared the crap out of me.

PS. Edited to add that we’re both really curious about the artist! We’d like to give credit we’re credit is due and neither Rich nor I could find the source. 🙂 So yeah, answers on a postcard, please.


We’re going to Berlin! 17 – 27 July! We’ll be there for Ladyfest and will probably do some more readings and stuff there the following week. Stay tuned. (And get in touch if you will be in Berlin and want to collaborate.)



Anyone know who designed it? It’s amazing where you can allow yourself to see tampons while you’re editing the next issue of your menstrual comedy zine.

Correction, I guess…It’s amazing where I can allow myself to see tampons while I’m editing the next issue of my menstrual comedy zine.

I just finished the cover and it’s in for printing.

We’ve got an interesting new sponsor, as well – whole back cover ad!


Sort of.

By anyway, that’s where I’ve been the past couple of days I should have been posting.


Wrapped in plain brown paper?

Readers of my zine will know I always judge a feminine hygiene product by its cover – packaging is an instant indicator of the taboo-breakyness (that’s the technical term) of the pad or tampon company in question.

So I like the way Jeff Krichmar designed these:I like that the name is a riff on both ‘time of the month’ and ‘rhythm’.

I like that the waxing of the moon and graded darkening of the boxes correspond to both the passage of time and (from what I can infer) the heaviness of your flow each day.

I like the colour not being pastel pink, the imagery not being abstract.

I like menstruation being linked to scientific fact, not misogynistic fantasy.

I really like the chart motif.

And what I like even more is that the writer of What Made Me Look said this about it when she posted a link to it on her blog:

“I wish there would be a tasteful packaging like this that you are not embarrassed to carry around in your handbag.”

Awesome that the embarrassment factor comes from bad design.

Further thanks to Tina at swissmiss for indirectly making me look at what made me look.