The A.V. Room

Over the past few years, Chella has accrued a tiny collection of audio and video files she’d like to share. She likes working in audio in particular, and will be adding some of her own stuff  over the next few months.

Last November, Chella and Sarah were invited to perform at the DIY Outspoken Showcase at Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds. Chella’s short film, The FU Story was also screened, and she got to be part of a very cool panel with Josie Long, Scout Niblett and Katie Harkin. Rosie Stoker has made a short doc of the day. You can see it here!

Stay tuned for Adventures in Menstruating (or AM, if you will) Radio.

Further podcasts will include sketches and songs recorded live at Adventures in Menstruating Roadshow gigs, Chella and fellow zinester Alex Wrekk chatting about IUDs, tampon applicator experiments, and an interview with Chella’s late, great 92-year-old grandma, who riffs on the birds and the bees, tampons, pads, and sex workers, among other things.

The Stain, Album Cover

Click the groovy album cover above for Chella’s podcast for The Fall of Autumn. This story came from Adventures in Menstruating #1. The sound quailty is quite poor on this and the next file because they were both recorded over international phone lines!

Holy Hormones Honey Interview Leslie Botha is a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, and interviews Chella here. Incidentally, this is the first recorded mention of her menstrual zombie movie bit – she made it up on the air.

Musical Tribute: Chart Your Cycle by Party Weirdo

The zines are immortalised in song by the groovy experimental Dublin trio Party Weirdo!

You can listen to it at the band’s myspace page here.