Audience responses and the STAINS™ #flashblob!

You guys – only two shows left!

And the #flashblob! is gaining hella momentum. (Also, Chella momentum.) We are going to demolish leakage fear once and for all you guys!

Things to say to acknowledge stains and reject the narrative of ‘leakage horror’:

Leaks happen. Just like other bodily functions happen.

I meant to do that. 

Leak chic. 

Red is the new black. 

It’s clot couture.

My cup (pad/tampon/sea sponge) runneth over! But you do not need to run over in a panic and tell me about it cos it’s totes fine and I’m just gonna you know… change my clothes when I get a chance.

Don’t you wish your bloodstain was hot like me?

I keep bleeding. I keep bleeding, love. – Leona Lewis (hat tip to Kate Fox for pointing this out in poetry form) 

Had a great review which really endorsed the comedy AND the #periodpositive campaign!

“This shouldn’t just be at the Fringe, it should be on the curriculum.” –  **** Three Weeks

And check out my  audience responses! 

uni leeds alumnae

“Chella manages to both inform and entertain at the same time.”

“She’s incredibly warm and make the audience feel utterly relaxed.”

“I really appreciated this show. It’s important that people don’t feel ashamed of periods. Keep it up!”

“I had so much fun – Thank you!”

“Chella is super funny and makes periods less of a taboo. Talking about it in a less serious light makes me feel more comfortable.”

“Brilliant show!”

“Awesome show!”

“Great show! I learned a lot today and Chella made the learning fun and exciting.”

“Delightful! Very upbeat, relaxed and informative!”

“Brill show! Funny and educational! Kids will love it too.”

“Really interesting.”

“Funny! Informative! Feminist! Inclusive! Engaging!”

“I wish you had done this show when I was a teenager 50 years ago!”

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