Adventures in Menstruating!

You guys, I’m back. And boy am I back. I went from research hiatus to 10th anniversary zine and comedy show special, taking my first full run to the Fringe.  If you’re in or near Edinburgh, come along – it’s free – but if not you can still join in. 

square pic show (3)

I can’t believe I’ve been writing and editing Adventures in Menstruating for 10 years. The celebrations have already started, the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research threw me a zine birthday party and Leeds Zine Fest shared all my films and did a Skype chat with me just last week.

Stay tuned in the Autumn for details about the anthology I want to put together about all the zines so far and join in with some #periodpositive activism at home while I’m in Edinburgh.

Periods have really been in the news lately. Have you seen it? 

It started with a new zine on the block by friend-of-a-friend Soofiya. Bloody hell – another UK-based intersectional and trans-inclusive period zine! The Indigogo campaign for it has ended, but you can still find out details here

The other week, London marathon runner Kirin Ghandi revealed that she decided to do the race free bleeding to avoid chaffing and aim for a personal best. She is a menstrual superhero. (And is totally up for supporting STAINS™!)

And just a few days ago, the US and then international media finally realised that it’s not okay to make fun of someone by saying they menstruate. Whatever Donald Trump meant, it’s nice to know that the shame is on him and not on menstruators, even if for some people periods can be a pain in the “whatever”.  It amazes me about no one’s made more fuss about this getting him ejected for the Red State Convention.

Keep track of more frequent updates here and up to the minute info on twitter @chellaquint and @periodpositive.  I think the best way to resolve all this stuff is to take all the #periodpositive stuff global as a benchmark for excellent provision of menstruation education and management – a way to show that we’re serious about the sustainability of menstruation education and management locally and globally. How about a #periodpositive network, set up to award a benchmark to best practice, like the Fair Trade logo?  I hope you will join me  to help make this possible, and have a laugh along the way. 

Cause once we sort out period taboos and reproductive health, we can go back to talking about how cool dinosaurs and outer space are, right?

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