Press round up.

Hello! I’ve been away working on my Master’s dissertation.  How have you been?

This year has been quite a busy one, even more than usual, and most of the ad analysis has gone into my university work, education resources for #periodpositive and Stains™, and quite a bit of science communication comedy.

While I’ve been getting on with the research, though, menstrual activism media coverage has been growing, so I thought I’d do a round up.

Today there’s a lovely piece in the Telegraph by sex-positive scientist, writer and blogger Dr. Brooke Magnanti, with a link to my TEDx Sheffield 2012 talk.

The end of October saw a feature on all things period in the Times Style Section by Sweetening the Pill author Holly Grigg-Spall, with shout-outs and contributions from a number of us. If you don’t want to get your eyes all Murdoch-y, click the image below to embiggen a scan of the piece.

times article

Sarah Maple, who created the Menstruate With Pride triptych featured in the article, did a shout out in this interview in April about her visit to the 2010 Adventures in Menstruating show at Bluestockings.  jo and sarah stains

Eagle-eyed viewers of my TEDx Talk will have spotted this photo when Sarah and Jo volunteered to wear Stains™Also in April, Autostraddle came across Adventures in Menstruating at the Brooklyn Zine Fest and did a lovely feature and interview.

In March, Alternet  did a menstrual taboo round up featuring many of the usual suspects, and I was quoted in an article about Riot Grrrl and DIY culture in the Guardian.

Finally, back in February the ad agency behind the Mooncup rap battle campaign, St. Luke’s, nods in agreement at my last two blog posts at the start of the year analysing their Mooncup campaign.

For more details on the Mooncup story, and the truth behind that Bodyform viral ad, just keep scrolling down the blog.

I’ll be back soon enough to post updates about #periodpositive and Stains™, which you can also check out at their respective blogs, or find me on Twitter @chellaquint or @periodpositive.

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