Adventures in Menstruating #6

The new issue launches at the London Zine Symposium this Sunday, and then is available from all the usual places after that. It’s been fun and frantic putting it all together!

4 responses to “Adventures in Menstruating #6

  1. Riot Kitty

    Cool! Sorry I was not able to contribute this time.

  2. No problem! I’ve got a page reserved for you for next time. 😀

  3. Hi. For a newcomer to this site, where are those usual places? I want this magazine in my life! Cheers

  4. Ooh good point! It depends where you are – stockists are in the last column on the right – but Rare and Racy are out right now. You can also grab a copy from me in Sheffield, swap by post if you do a zine as well, or come to a zine fair or live show (dates on the right). Thank you. 😀

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