How about a viral campaign for…masculine hygiene products?

It’s all marketing.

Marketing sanitary towels toward women – easy.

Let’s give these advertisers a real challenge, though – try aiming them at men.

We dare ya.


…About Skids. They don’t really exist – sorry. We can’t really condone more disposable products anyway, and at least underwear is washable. This isn’t really a scatalogical campaign – it’s mainly about showing up feminine hygiene ads for what they are.

If you’ve seen the Skids ads, they should have looked familiar to you. The language, imagery and style are all in keeping with tampon and maxi-pad adverts through the ages. Euphemism-laden, soft-focused and coy, these ads have influenced cultural taboos. Despite the potential of new media to break the cycle, these same old techniques and lazy stereotypes are beginning to infiltrate feminine hygiene product websites and social networking sites as well.

In light of this, we reckoned sometimes the only way to beat ’em is to join ’em. We created the ad campaign to point up some classic conventions that only jump out at you when the situation is reversed. So the next time you see a feminine hygiene ad, think twice.

By the way – it is in no way our intention to mock people who have incontinence.

We’d like to say a big thank you to the guys who (mostly) willingly agreed to pose for the print ads (you know who you are), the pros at Cakebread Illustrations who helped us do the spoof site, and Juma Print in Sheffield for the print ad shenanigans and bemused continual support.

Oh yeah – we do a live commercial for Skids in the sketch show – after one gig some guys came up to us and said ‘We really felt you understood our embarrassment! We felt so included!’  Never thought we’d hear that in response to a comedy sketch show about menstruation.

Like we always say – our stuff is for menstruators and non-menstruators alike.

(Reprinted from our page that clicking all the links on the Skids site eventually brings you to. It’s a bit like a Choose Your Own Adventure in Menstruating.  It seemed apt.)

One response to “How about a viral campaign for…masculine hygiene products?

  1. That is hilarious!

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