And we’re back.

Had a month-long hiatus to sort out all the messing about with Volcano-stranding and other travel-related hold-ups, and are now back to a lifestyle that requires far fewer hyphenated words to describe it. One of the highlights of our US trip was our proximity to what I called the Slurpee Store when I was little and my dad bought me my first one.  We’re back in the UK now, but I seem to have re-whetted the Quint family appetites, because my mom sent me this email today:

“I wanted to let you know I poured my first Slurpee the other day.  It was an experience. I knew it was toward the back of the store, but I had to pass the coffee machines, and the soda machines before I finally found –SLURPEE!  Then–which cup?  So I poured, but I knew it didn’t look like the slurpees you always come out with–too flat on top.  Then–the lid. Different characters were lined up–but help was on the way.  The clerk came running back before I mischose, and picked out the right transparent top for me.  Now he asks which straw–long or short?  Well, long enough to fit into the big cup I guess.  So I felt pretty good about the whole experience, until your sister came home and said, ‘You’re supposed to put the lid on first–to get that nice dome effect.’  Oh well…”

Anyone else who is hankering after a new and refreshing experience with a nice dome effect should head to London this Saturday to join Chella and a zillion (official estimate) others at The London Zine Symposium.

Edited to add that I’ll be reading from issue 5 with some other lovely people between 2 and 3 pm.

Adventures in Menstruating #5 will be available for the first time in London on the individual zine table and for trading, and Chella will also have some treats to celebrate completing Chart Your Cycle for the 24 Hour zine thing (now only held during July, sadly) five years ago this week.

If you can’t get to London but you’d like to join in with the written portion of the treat, email or facebook us with a response to the following in the next 24 hours: What were you doing five years ago this week? Would you do it again? How did you find out (memory, diary, blog, email archive, etc.)?

And if you can make it, bring a zine to trade!

2 responses to “And we’re back.

  1. Your mom is so funny. So I wrote you back ages about inquiring about volcano stuff and where you were??

  2. Yeah…we were dealing with volcano stuff. One day I’ll make a zine about it. Actually, there’s gonna be a magazine about it – I’ll keep you posted!

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