Adventures in Menstruating #5: Here’s the Science Bit

7 pm Sunday April 11, 2010, FREE (donations to Bluestockings always welcome)

Bluestockings Books

Join us for our fifth annual Bluestockings foray into feminine hygiene fact and fiction. In performance lecture style (with slides and everything) we will theorise, analyse, and criticise the latest trends in the feminine hygiene industry armed only with white coats, clipboards and acerbic wit.

Expect this event to be well attended by The Menstruati.

As always, this performance is for menstruators and non-menstruators of all genders.

Oh yeah – no blue liquid – we promise. (What the heck IS that stuff, anyway?)


3 responses to “Gigs!

  1. Passing Comentator

    Apparently the blue liquid was a TV requirement agreed upon so that sanitary products could be advertised on TV. It was made blue as it’s about as unlike blood as possible as viewers couldn’t possibly be reminded of (shock, horror, ick!) blood.

  2. That blue stuff is so bizarre.

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