Cities that begin with L, and the feminists who love them.

I’ve just done a podcast about subvertising for the Femme Fatale show, and will put it up in The A.V. Room sometime soon. Cheers to Ben who does funny topical stuff for sorting out the uploading and stuff.

I had a great time with Rosy from Femme Fatale down at Feminism in London, especially at the media workshop, where I got to practise not sounding lglib or stupid while promoting feminist events like tonight’s Reclaim the Night march in London. What we discovered at the workshop was  that I don’t yet have the kind of …punditude? to sound like anything other than a comedian, even when talking about serious issues, but there will be plenty of people on the march and at the rally point who do know how.

Details are at the link above for those who want to attend, and we’d like to shout a big hello to the people we know at  Femsoc and  Feminism in London pals who are supporting the event.


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