A Song For Sesame Street

googly eyes

‘Everything I know about x I learned from y‘ is a snowclone we’re gonna borrow in honour of Sesame Street’s 40th birthday.  Seriously, though –  Sesame Street introduced me to the alphabet, Spanish, opposites, how stuff’s made, sign language, Johnny Cash, sketch comedy that’s funny on two levels, the conventions of live news reporting, parody, super heroes, music videos, documentay filmmaking, diy animation, women can fix televisions, monsters are people too, The Beatles…not to mention how much I learned about advertising techniques from all those segments designed to ‘advertize letters and numbers to kids’ based on the original premise for the show. I still like and do all that stuff, and Sesame Street seems to have, most importantly, been my first media studies class.  Audience, Marketing, Representation – it’s all there.

Anyway, we’re gonna be on Leeds University Radio again today with a birthday tribute to Sesame Street. We reckon being  period positive can start at any age, and figured if Sesame Street did a segment on periods, we know  how it would go. Tune in live or listen to the podcast to find out.

Thanks to Sarah’s old school friend  Ben at Naivety Succeeds for making our amateur recording skills sound a little less ‘amateur’ and a little more ‘skills’.

And, happy birthday, Sesame Street – my favourite show ever!


PS How cute are Google’s Sesame doodles?


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