World Wide Women Conference today in Sheffield

There’s a conference in Sheffield today (well, in my head the conference is tomorrow, because I haven’t gone to bed yet, but don’t be fooled!) that I’m going to have to stay home from, because I think the cough I’m currently sporting  and the rousing speeches just won’t mix somehow. But if you’re in or near Sheffield, and not hacking up a lung, details are here!

I was wandering vaguely homeward drinking a medicinal malted soya-milkshake today (or yesterday, for people who’ve gone to bed while it was still Friday night) and had a lovely chat with the proprietor of Rare and Racy, who beckoned to me from his doorway (in an old fashioned shopkeeper kinda way) and showed me that my zine was in his window display. (See if you can spot it…) That cheered me up no end.

Rare and Racy

So, today (tomorrow?) I will listen to Radio 4 comedy and draw parody film posters instead.

Good night?


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