Leeds Uni Femsoc Rocks!

Wow. We had such an awesome time and such a great reception at Leeds Uni!  Sarah and I feel really lucky to have been invited and can’t wait to go back next term!  We got some nice audio that I’ll be putting into our first podcast episode, including the debut performance of our new song, Crimson Tide. In fact, mad props to Godot* and Cunning Stunt* for asking if their band could cover it at their next gig!

We did readings from the zines, Sarah read some comic menstrual poems, and we took along the Mobile Menstrual Zine Library as well. At the interval, we did a new craft in the style of online avatar creating games:  Tampon Yourself!

tampon yourself

Thanks specially to Oonagh and Bernie for hosting us, The Peanut Gallery for providing the venue-with-everything, Johnny for doing lots of never-before-seen (by us) technical things, Zoltan for making his Skids sketch debut, and Ryder for giving us loads of leads for our Period Positive Comp Album. We met lots of other interesting and interested people who are keen to contribute to the zine and the blog in future, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Keep track of Leeds Uni FemSoc at their blog!

*To link with our free min-zine that explores menstrual euphemisms, How Do You Feel About Your Friend?, we borrowed an idea Tina uses for her CreativeMornings over on Swissmiss. Thanks, Tina!  Here are a few of the names people came up with:

cunning stunt

Big red

sanitary growler

embrionic disruption


2 responses to “Leeds Uni Femsoc Rocks!

  1. Sounds awesome! Sorry I missed you folks, I would have loved it!

    From a previously absent femsoc member x x

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