The Future Rock God of Period Blogs Has Entered the Ring!

Seriously, folks. The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research is Adventures in Menstruating’s cute, clever, older dream date, and  they’ve just started a blog. Yesterday’s press release from the centre introduced re: Cycling and promised interesting and accessible content, making their research open to a wider audience and allowing for public comment. They’ve already got a bunch of posts up, which are incredibly easy to navigate using a groovy tag cloud that includes stuff like media, television and film, advertising, celebrities and economics, among other entries.

I’m so honoured to be today’s guest blogger, and can’t wait to read more from re: Cycling.

Their motto?  ‘IF IT BLEEDS, IT LEADS’.

Of course!


2 responses to “The Future Rock God of Period Blogs Has Entered the Ring!

  1. chris bobel

    shucks! dreamdate? blushing….glad you are digging the new blog and thanks for leading the way with your own sassy installments. I am always amazed when folks stutter….*how much is there REALLY to say about menstruation, anyway?* Well….what ISN’T there to say? We’ve been keeping our mouths shut and our eyes averted for centuries….we have got a whole lot of catching up to do

    ..and now for that date….

  2. Thanks, Chris! Is your blog hitting on my blog? Awesome!

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