Finally! Friends for Over Flo!


Yeastwoman, as reported by The Onion.

So I read the Guardian a lot, as you may have noticed. But today, The Onion (My other reliable daily news source. For balance.) posted this and I really dig it. It gets a second place award for being in on the joke with tampon product testing and for going with  ‘speculum exoskeleton’ as a legitimate villain-experiment-disfigurement. Also, Yeastwoman uses her powers for good. I recommend writing her a sidekick about 30 comics or so into the series…

…oh, come on, you know Yeastwoman’s name needs ‘…and Thrush!’ after it to create a proper crime-fighting duo.  And it’s not like she’s not happy to make friends. According to the article in The Onion, Yeastwoman has already allied herself with Urinary Tract Infection Girl, so I may encourage our menstrual superhero, Over Flo, to get in touch.


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