Menstrual Marsupial Peripherals

I’ve been meaning to post this since the start of the summer, actually – for our first anniversary we got a lovely parcel from our friend Cal – mooncup pouches made by an etsy seller called Lovealittle.

Sarah likes hers because it’s got a distinctive shape and she can find it in her bag – like mouthfeel for hands. (Handfeel? Is that already a word?)

I like mine because it doesn’t look like anything else, and it’s really eye-catching so people may ask what it is (and promptly be told). Feminine hygiene really does not have to be discreet.


One response to “Menstrual Marsupial Peripherals

  1. Thank you so much for the kind feature of my menstrual cup pouches 🙂 These are two of my favourites.
    I have new fabrics and can always make to order if you have a particular fabric/ colour in mind.

    I love adventures in Menstruating and am pleased to have found you from my Etsy stats.

    Keep smiling, Jane

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